Youtube Latest Updates For Creators (Jan 2018). Hard for new youtubers to earn


On Jan 16, 2018 YouTube updates some more biggest changes and these changes are going to affect small youtube creators very badly.

For cleaning the garbage from the YouTube society and making it a safe enviroment for advertisers, YouTube took these whole steps.

Now, It will become more hard for small YouTubers to earn money from YouTube.

As we know, In 2017, YouTube update their policy according to that One must have 10,000 lifetime views to make their channel eligible for Monetization.

Now, YouTube update their policy again and according to that "one must have 1000 subscriber, 4000 hours watch time and 10,000 views to make their channel eligible for monetization.

This update is going to hurt more than 90% of small youtubers.

YouTube publishes all these updates today at their blog.

What is your opinion regarding this new update.