Whatsapp Released "Whatsapp For Business" New Feature For Businesses


As we know, internet has become the most important platform for any type of trade and business related activites. Many business are growing each day at a fast rate.

Today, Online presence of every business is important for it to succeed.

Many online tools and platforms are used by businesses to keep in touch with their customers.

Social network like facebook, whatsapp, linkdIn, twitter etc. helps a lot to a business owner to reach to their targeted customers. And that’s why these networks are also improving themselves day by day.

Whatsapp For Business

Whatsapp released a new feature in the market and that is specially designed for businesses. Whatsapp business provides a range of features for businesses for them to keep in touch with their customers effectively.

What Really “Whatapp For Business” Does

It will allow businesses to make a special business profile for their customers. Businesses can add a description, contact details, address and quick replies to their business’ FAQs.

It will also allows business to set up automated greeting and responses. There will also be the option of analytics where business can evaluate the performance of the messages.

An “away” message can also be configured so that customers can get an automated response when you are offline.

WhatsApp Business is currently in its earliest free version, its expected that new features will be added in the coming weeks and some paid features will also be included.

Coming Soon
It’s currently only available in the UK, the US, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico but the company spokesperson said that rest of the world, including Pakistan, will get access soon.

You can check out it’s Play Store page here.

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