What steps one need to follow when user's are not engaging with email content


Mostly, more than 90% email marketers have with this issue.

They are saying -

  1. I am sending valuable information but no one is reading.
  2. I am sharing a very limited knowledge which is not available anywhere still no engagement on emails

What should we do here…

We all read this:-
:fire:80/20 Email Marketing Rule That BOOSTS Engagement & 10X Sales {Surprise} :fire:

Wouldn’t you want to know the RULE that’ll 10X your sales? Haha.

BTW you’ve probably heard about the pareto principle?

I advised you to throw it away :wink:

We don’t need it here.

There’s a new 80/20 rule for emails that’ll make or break your emails.

TRANSLATION: You’ll make a shit ton of money if you do this right.

You send an email filled with your genuine knowledge, but users are rejecting that.

It hurts, not just you.

But your confidence in your abilities as well.

And your audience hurts as well, because they’re now deprived of your gifts.

It’s frustrating.

But here’s the problem.

Who makes more money?

Teachers Vs Entertainers

Dr Google says a teacher, on average,makes about$36000 a year.

While my boy Robert Downey Jr is cruising high and just made over $80 Million off your favorite Avengers Movie.

What does that tell you?

People pay for entertainment.

We already have painful schoolmemories.

Your customers don’t want another teacher.

This is where my 80/20 rule comes in to keep you in check.

I always keep my Emails about 70-80% Entertainment.

Which is me cracking jokes, telling personal stories or stories about otherpeople etc.

And only 30-20% is actual content.

Your prospects are bored as fuck.

They want someone to shock them out of their apathetic state.

They’d rather laugh on a meme, and then go back to doing what they were doing.

And if you keep them entertained, guess what?

They’ll read everyday, vibe with your stuff and buy.

It’s simple.

This simple tip would be worth over $10,000 to someone who applies it.

BTW I am thinking to do more Q&A type posts.