Start Writing Content On WordPress. Content Management


As I already shared the difference between Posts and Pages, one must should read that post first if he/she is newbie.

Let’s Come to today’s topic. Content Management In WordPress

I hope you are in your dashboard. If not, just enter you Wordpress login url fill your details and boom. It’s so easy :wink:.

If you installed so many plugins or different themes than your dashboard starts looking little different. Not much different but you will be able to many more options than normal.

Don’t be confused in this. Just follow steps as I am going to explain and you will be able to share a better post.

  • Hover Your Mouse On Posts and Click On “Add New

I recommend you add SEO Plugin before you start writing any post. It will be beneficial for you.

You can either choose "Yoast SEO’ or “All in one SEO”. It depends on you. Both are perfect. But use only one. You can use any other SEO plugin if you want.

I am using Publisher Theme [Affiliate Link] and that’s why You will see different options.

Some column may not appear to you. As I said, all these option changed according to your theme design and compatibility.

  • Adding Media (Images or Videos) In Article.
    Note - Never upload video on your site. Use other video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc. for this purpose.

If you failed in doing anything, just reply to this post.

  • May be below available options are not available in your theme. Just Click on “Add Category” and “Choose the Appropriate” category for your posts.
    You can leave other options blank otherwise you will easily understand what these options really means.

  • When you finished everything, Just click on “Publish”

Boom, You Post Is Live On Your Website.