My Frist CPA Journey! 500$ Per Month In 5 Month


Hey Guys,

This is the first time when I am going to start any CPA Journey. I have almost 0 experience in CPA but let’s rock this :wink:.

I am going to use Instagram for this awesome purpose and Instagram is the best for CPA.

How to find perfect CPA niche

This is really the most important part of the whole process and if you pick a good niche you will bank a lot from it.

Which niche I am going to choose here, I won’t bring you NICHE IN HAND Because if I share the niche right here it will become saturated and no one will bank from it.

But, I will teach you how to Pick perfect niche :-

  • Find something that people care about.

  • Offer them something they are really interested into something that can change their life.

  • For ex. - Weight Loss, Six Pack Abs Program etc

  • Always with the account that has a minimum of 500k followers, less than that are just Garbage. What it means, I will explain later?

  • ALways monitor your competitor first and learn how they are performing.

  • Always choose Tier1-2 country niches. I suggest you to not play around Indian Traffic because you are never going to get any ROI out of it, believe me!

Let’s Start My Journey

I just created my new Instagram account in a specific niche I discovered (You have to discover your own :laughing:)

Oops, I have 0 followers :persevere:

O’cmom, I just created this account and it will grow if I am ever going to work on it :yum:.

Now, it feels really good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Note - Never think that you can beat Instagram by spamming. Instagram is a daddy here :joy: and you should treat him just like that. We are going to earn some bucks here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

What will be my strategy

As I just created the account that’s why I can’t perform too many actions as I said before “Instagram is a daddy and he knows how their kids are performing means newborn kid has own limitations :sunglasses:

  • I will start with 100 follows per day. (Follow and unfollow is the best way to grow an account). Will it very slowly.
  • I am going to start with 100 likes per day. (I am just a kid this time)
  • One beautiful image post per day.

Ok, To whom I am going to follow or like their post.

  • As I mentioned before, choose that niche which has a minimum audience of 500k and mine have 1.6m. I will follow the users who liked their latest post (Wao awesome, sound good and great, but time-consuming:disappointed_relieved:)
  • I also like, latest post of the user which I am going to follow (Now, that user is going to follow me back).

I will unfollow them after 5 days :crazy_face: (Seriously, I have no other choice as I can follow max. of 7k, Go and grab Instagram caller for this limitation.)

I can sell if I have a good audience. After 10k follower, I can easily use “Swipe Feature”. It means I need to wait until my account has 10k followers :persevere: (It important in starting).

Now what, nothing, I just need to focus on my follow growth and have to reach this number in 1 month.

WTF, Yes, I really want to grow this new account to 10k+ followers in just 1 month :scream:

It’s important dear as I have to reach the goal of 500$ per month in 5 month.

I will share the result every single day here and hope, you juys will help me in this Journey.

Wish me luck and also guide and suggest me if I make any mistake.

Thanks :star_struck:


Great start @NarveerSingh , I will help you in this.

Sorry, as I was little busy in the work that’s why not able to share any valuable ideas and things.

I suggest you, “Not to go with only one account, go with atleast 5 account”.

It will helps you a lot in achieving your goal.

What you are trying to achieve is not possible with one account in 5 month as Instagram may ban your account as soon as they detect any suspicious activity.

Also, it’s first time when you are playing with CPA than there are 90% chances that you will definitely make a mistake which Instagram will catch.

That’s why go with atleast 5 account.


It’s really great that, you are starting with 100 follows and likes,
But, better to be safe than sorry.

Start with only 50 and grow 10 each day. After 100, grow 20-30 each and stop at 800-900 per day.

You are sharing that you are going to grow 10k in one month, It’s hard without engagement group and in starting it’s also hard to get involved in engagement group.

But, slowly you will definitely achieve this target.

Ohhh, I forget to mention one thing here.

Don’t only follow, unfollow or like.

Also, Upload a highly engaging image with better caption and hashtag (use between 10-20)

For hashtag, take idea from competitor hashtag and trending hashtag.

BTW, Best of luck for your journey.


Even i have started but affiliate marketing with instagram, lets see how it works out.


:flushed::flushed:, In starting 5 accounts, thanks I will create 4 new one.

Yup, you are right. I may make mistake and Instagram will boom my account. Better to go with minimum 5.

I forget about these. Thanks for remembering me those again.


Good luck you too bro, You should also start your own journey.
Create a new thread named “My affiliate Journey” under “Journey category”

Let’s learn from each other journey.


I think affiliate and CPA both are same. There is not a huge difference as CPA is for Cost Per Action and Affiliate is for Cost Per Sale(CPS).

It’s also great if you able to trust with followers.

Earning from CPA is around 0.1$ to 4$ per conversion, but as an affiliate you will be able to earn 40$-50$ per conversion(depends on product also).

Also, as Narveer Said

You should create another thread. May be I will able to help you there according to your steps and knowing where you stands at that time.