[Journey] Growing Facebook Page From 0 to 100k in two months


I created a new facebook page in my niche. I can’t reveal my page niche as this is different for everyone. I am going to share every single method which I use in growing this page.

It’s a brand new page, created around 10 hour ago. Presently, I am the only one who liked this page.

So, Let’s come to the point.

Why I am growing this page
Yeah, it’s obvious that I am doing it for creating a better community. And also for getting good amount of traffic from Facebook to my website.

How many pages I currently have
I had many pages but they all are of different niche. 1 page is of same niche but I didn’t like that page name.

That page that 10.5k followers. And I can share my new page post to this page for growing new page organically.

One of my page in “Science” niche having 70k+ followers had been deleted by facebook last month without any notice. And it forced me to create a new page again and grow that page as fast as possible.

What tactics I will use for this purpose.
This is the question that came in every person mind, how I grow my page.

As I have experience in this field so I can do it easily. Not easily, it’s only a word.

Differents tactics I am going to use are :

  1. Comments on bigger page in my niche through my page.
    Yes, this method will work. People love those who engaged with them. Never ask them to like your page. Don’t spam. Just engage with them by liking their comments, replying on their comments.

  2. I will share page posts in niche and specified groups which are highly active.
    Don’t share too much otherwise group admin will ban you from their group. Only 1 post in 1 day in 1 group. You can share 10 posts per day in 10 groups if you are Newbie. Doing this too much in starting will affect your account and facebook will restrict your account from posting in groups.

  3. Paid Advertising
    I will start this after 1k or 2k followers. Because this time page is brand new, so it’s not a good idea to use paid advertisement.

  4. Inviting Friends
    I know, this usually don’t work. Friends are not going to like pages of friends but only expect 1% result. This helps us to get likes in starting.

I am going to share update on daily basis means how much followers I get and what I really did.

Start your own Journey here and let’s grow together.


Things didn’t go according to my plan. I was expecting minimum of 100 followers per day but result I received is very low.
I think, I need to change something in my strategy.

What I am thinking to improve in my strategy
As I don’t want to spend on advertisement currently, that’s why I can’t change my strategy.
I think, I should the same strategy for some more days.
Let’s see what will happen.
Will update you soon.


New Update

Got only 48 followers in 23 hour.
Page is growing slowly because it’s brand new and has less followers.


New Update
It’s growing very slowly. For reaching the goal, I need to start advertising.
I will soon start advertising and will share this result very soon. Currently, I am facing a little due to that advertising will cost me lot. I am working on that issue. Hope, I will be able to solve that issue as soon as possible.


I stopped this Journey because currently I want to invest time and money in other important things.