IT industries starts relying on AI these days


IT industries starts relying more on AI these days because of more productivity. A single person can’t sit on laptop for 24 hour but bots can do this and this increase trust among customers.

But this doesn’t mean that their will be no need of employees. Competition is growing day by day and companies are only going to hire those candidates which is talented besides how much grades he/she get.

In my opinion, their are many fields in which AI can’t works and their will be the huge need of employees in near future like:-

  1. Emotion Based Advertising - AI can’t understand emotions. So, for advertising their will always be the need of human. AI can create explainer video but can’t understand if that is best or not. Or how much catchy that video is, only human can tell this.

  2. Chats - I mentioned above that chat bots are replacing human these days but it doesn’t means that chat bots are perfect. They only reply based on keyword what user used during chat but failed in understanding “Sarcastic” behavior of any user. “Sarcastic Behavior” can only be understand by human. May be, any advance bot can replace this factor in future.

  3. Internet Marketing - I know, we are using numbers of tools these days for IM but we are missing here one thing that these tools are nothing without human. Many process can’t be automated like which pic or which video should be best of marketing purpose.

  4. Content Writing - It doesn’t matter how perfect a tool is but that can’t compete with human writing skills.

  5. Creativity - Doesn’t matter how powerful a machine is, that can’t replace the human creativity. Machines works based on algorithm and these algorithms can never replace creative thoughts.

  6. Leadership and Management - I my opinion, this skill is only available in Human Being.

Their are many more things which machines can’t do and that’s why their will be no need of thinking that employees are going to loose their jobs or in future their will be less jobs.

But, one thing is clear that only those candidates will get jobs who are really deserving and have talent.

Every candidate have to upgrade their skill on daily basis.