Is Follow/Unfollow Bad or Is it good for our account


When we talk about Instagram marketing, First thing came in our mind is about Follow/Unfollow.

Around 50% users think, it’s good and 50% user thinks it’s bad.

Every has different opinion about this and I want to clarify on this topic. Why it’s a good idea and why it’s a bad idea.

Let’s Firstly talk about FBR(Follow Back Ratio) and how much FBR matter
When we use follow someone, we also assume that person will also follow us back. On personal account, may be it doesn’t matter. Also, on personal account, we don’t like Follow/Unfollow.

But, what if we have business account. Does FBR matters in that situation
In my opinion, FBR doesn’t matter in that situation too.

WTF, We all working for it and I am saying that FBR also doesn’t matter for Instagram business account.

Well, I am saying all these thing not because of my assumption but because of my research.

What is FBR . This is the term mainly used by those who are using automation tool for growing their business account or for other marketing purpose.

Why we count FBR FBR helps us in determining the quality of follow source and allow to optimize that source.

What if user are only following you not engaging with your content.
This is the thing I was talking about. Gaining follower is not important these days. Getting engagement is important.

Instagram loves engaging content. That’s if you are gaining more and more followers but they are not engaging with your post, it is going to hurt your account reputation. All those followers will become ghost follower for your account.

Instagram is tightening their algorithm more and more to save their users from seeing irrelevant content.

So, in my opinion we should work on getting engagement nor on getting followers.

Follow/Unfollow is good if we use it effectively but it’s bad if we failed in optimizing the follow source.

I will soon write an article about Optimizing the Follow Source


I just join this community. Hope I will be able to learn too many new things and idea.

BTW, information you shared is really great. I will definitely share my experience though though with this community.

Waiting for this article.

I have one question, what is your opinion regarding like block means I am growing around 20-30 accounts but more then 50% account got like blocked but I am still able to follow people.


Welcome @Shweta_Aggarwal .

Yup, stay with community and you are going to learn many different things.

Very soon, I will write about it.

It’s may be because you are using all the account on same IP.
Also, Instagram started using ASN(Autonomous System Number) . Due to this Instagram can block the by IP, SERVER or SERVER PROVIDER COMPANY NAME.

Instagram is blocking likes because if like get blocked, our post exposure decreases.

There are many engagement groups on the Internet and with the help of that all the marketers are getting liked on their post from each other. Due to this their post starts getting engagement and post gets more exposure.

In my opinion, you should use “Residential IP or Proxy” for the account. May be it is the safe option.

It’s all about testing. I will definitely share my safe setting but my accounts are also start getting banned or blocked or lot of PVA. Currently, I am testing many things and will definitely share here if any new thing starts working.


I will go with it. Thanks :heart_eyes::slight_smile: