Is Faceboook Loosing It's Value And Becomes Irrelevant


These days, a lot of youngsters are shifting towards YouTube and Instagram from Facebook.

Also, websites are now receiving more traffic from “Search Engine” than the facebook.

And these statistics aren’t looking good for Facebook.

The point here is, Is Facebook starts getting less importance from Companies, Blog Owner, and Marketers.

In past, Spending money on Facebook in getting Page likes or in growing followers was profitable but these days spending money in getting followers is the real bad idea as Facebook is never going to show your post to all of your followers.

What should we do here? What are the Facebook trends and how we should act on those?

Let’s Continue:-

Lets Firstly Talk About The Stats

Facebook and Youngsters

According to a research conducted by the Pew Research, teens are using YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, more than facebook and only less than half of the U.S. teenagers have a facebook account.

This became more surprising when only 10% of the teens say that Facebook is the social medium they use most.

This is in complete contrast to 3 years ago when Facebook was the King of Social Media.

It seems, Social Media is changing rapidly and it’s not in the favor of Facebook.

Referral Traffic From Facebook

According to a report Published in Charbeat, traffic from Google search are now more important than referral traffics from facebook.

In past, Facebook was the most important source of traffic for publisher, blogger and website owners but these days, it’s changing rapidly.

How Should We Deal With These Changes

Here, I am not mentioning that Facebook is not important. Facebook is still essential, and nobody knows how these trends will evolve.

I personally think that there are a lot of ways that is allowing us to keep getting traffic from Facebook.

The point here is, we shouldn’t focus or depends only on Facebook to get that traffic to our websites.

Other Important Medium we should focus on are -

  1. Youtube
  2. Snapchat
  3. SEO
  4. Instagram
  5. Use the power of Stories (It is highly effective)
  6. Facebook Ads - Facebook seems to generate less traffic. but ads are still doing well. Not only well but CTR of ads on Facebook has almost tripled since 2016 according to the latest report.