How to upload and activate WordPress theme through cPanel, Simple steps


Many web hosting allows us to upload a max. file size of 2mb.
But our custom theme file exceed 2mb in maximum cases when we choose any premium theme. In that case, we need to upload theme through cPanel.

I this little tutorial, I am going to explain how can we upload theme through cPanel and after that we will activate that theme.

Firstly, You need to login in your cPanel. cPanel DashBoard Will Appear.

Now, Click On “File Manager”. After Clicking on “File Manager”, If a PopUp appears, Click on Continue on that Popup.

In File Manager, Double Click On “Public_html

Now, Double Click On “wp-content

Now, Choose “Themes” and Double click on it.

Now, Click on “Upload”, A new window will open, choose your theme .zip file and upload it.

Note : - Take care during choosing your theme zip file. When You purchase any theme, that zip file contains many other files like license key, documentation and other stuff. Firstly, you need to extract that zip file and then you need to choose the theme file. If you faced any problem in this, post it here and I will try to solve your problem.

When Your uploading finished, visit the same section again.
Now, Right Click on the file you uploaded and choose “Extract”

Choosing “Extract” option, will show you a popup, Click on “Extract Files

After file extraction completed, Click on “Close” button that will appear.

Your file is successfully uploaded. Now, if you want, you can delete that zip file, otherwise leave that as it is.

Now, it’s time to activate the theme.

Activating the theme is very easy. Just go in your WordPress Dashboard
Click on Appearance>themes.

Now, on your theme, which you uploaded, click on “Activate

If you faced any issue, You can share here and I will try to solve your issue.