How to Unban Your Banned Instagram Account In Just 8 Steps


Seriously, this is the question every Internet marketer ask these days.
As we all know testing is the only way through which our knowledge can increase. We all need to test in IM, if we want to build our career in IM.

Sometime something will work me but failed for me and sometime there are things which will work for you but failed for me.

Let’s come on the topic. I am going to share the idea of unbanning Instagram account.

It worked for me and there are 95% chances that it will worked you too.

Simple Steps of Unbanning account

  1. Get on your PC, yes right. Fuck of your Smart Phone for this purpose Smart Phone have no use.
  2. Don’t use proxy in this case. Go with your Residential IP . Residential IP are best in maintaining our account in best and better quality. (It will be great if you run your account on residential IP)
  3. You need to setup your browser language “en-us”.
  4. Remember you can send Unban request from any email id means it doesn’t matter if that email is associated with your account or not.
  5. Go to and just fill there form.
  6. You will received an email from Instagram and then they will ask you to upload you picture. Just upload.
  7. If they regret or refused, don’t stop here. Use another email id and send request again.
  8. Sometime it will work in 1st time but sometime it can take upto month. You just need to keep sending Unban Request.

Fuck Off, You are definitely thinking that from where you are going to get these types of many email.

Have you ever heard about dot trick of email aliases. If not, I will create a different thread about it in detail. Just mention below.

But for this time, I am explaining a little.
If you email id is -
Then you can use, ,, etc

Dot(.) never count and all the email will be received to your Original Email.

Remember, you need to reply with that email which you use for sending Unban request.

It means you need to change your email settings for every ban request.

You can do this by simply go in email settings and click on “Add another email address”. Type for new email address their and it’s boom.

If you have any question, you can ask freely :grin: