How To Insert An Adword Remarketing Code On Website


Why It Is Important To Insert Adword Remarketing Code On Website
If we are running an adword campaign for our business, we need to track every single person visited our website and Remarketing helps us to target those users again who once visited our website but after that they forget.

Remarketing also increase our brand trust in front of user. What if user is seeing same company ads on every websites he visited?

Let’s Come On The Topic Fast
Firstly, Login in to your Adword Account and

Now, go to Shared Library>Audience in older version of adword… You can use newer too.

Now, Click On Setup Remarketing As shown in image no.2.

Now, again click on Setup Remarketing. Keep in mind that here Use Dynamic Ads option is for “Ecommerce store”. If you don’t have Ecommerce store, leave this option Unchecked

Now, a popup window will appear, Click on View Adwords tag Option and Write your email in Email Box and click on continue.

Now, Copy the code you get after clicking on View Adword tag for website.

Now, we have code. Now, we exactly follow the same setup as we did in the inserting the Google Analytic Code. If You didn’t read that here.

Follow the same setup like

  1. Go into your dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings> Insert Header And Footer
  3. Place your code in header on body section.

Remember, We already have one code there of Google Analytic, Both code must not be overlap.
For avoiding this, Just paste this code right below where the analytic code ends after giving a line space as shown in image

I am trying to keep things, short and easy to understandable.
If you have any question, just reply below.

Note : We can create different types of list now by using this “Remarketing Code”, like

  1. User Who Visit Specific Page.
  2. User Who din’t visit Specific Page.
  3. User Who visits on Specific Category.
  4. And Many more.

I will create a new thread for this as soon as possible. Hope, You will be able to learn very fast and easily

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