Facebook released a new festive features for the holiday


Today, facebook roll out a new holiday features to raise the spirits of its millions of users.

What Is This Update
Now, you can send holiday cards to your family and friends. With this facebook allows users to customize the cards very easily with special photos and message. These design are really very cute when these mixed with holiday involving stars and doves.

We will able to use this awesome feature by the end of this month. We will be able to use the number of holiday backgrounds in our status updates.

What Are Other Awesome Facebook Updates In This Awesome Feature
Facebook is going to add more effects that also involve the Camera. It will add live effects, time-exclusive stickers of festivals like Christmas, New Year etc.

In messenger’s video chat chat these options will also be available.

Overall, if I say, these updates are really awesome and cheerful. But, you need to wait for some time for seeing these updates in your profile. May be all these updates will be seeing able at the end of this month or at the starting of January.