Facebook Privacy Basics


Facebook Security features

Facebook would like to know that they were doing to keep your information safe whenever you use it. Your account security is important, so their security teams look for and catch problems before they reach your account. If they ever see anything unusual happening, they will let you know.

Here you will found following things:-

  1. Account Deactivation & Deletion
    How do I deactivate or delete my Facebook account.

  2. Passwords
    How do I create more secure passwords

  3. Hacked Accounts
    What should I do if my account’s been taken over by someone else?

  4. Trusted Contacts
    Can my friends help me get back into my account if I lose my password?

  5. Where You’re Logged In
    What computers and phones am I logged into?

  6. Logging Out
    when should I log out of my account?

  7. Unfriending & Blocking
    How can I stop someone who’s bothering me?

  8. Spam
    What should I do if I see a suspicious post or message?

  9. Information Requests
    How does Facebook handle information requests from governments?!

  10. How You’re Protected
    What does Facebook do to keep my info secure?

Stay Safe & Secure.