Facebook changed a lot of feature today. You will like some feature but also hate some feature


Today, facebook update their developer offerings.

  • Facebook announced in their blog post that third-party app invites will no longer be sported with facebook SDK version 4.28 but previous SDK version still have access to app invites.
    App invite feature was often reserved for games and other third party app.

  • From today update, developers will not be able to access edge.create and edge.remove JS SDK Events. Facebook said that now, developer can use webhooks and with this they will be notified everytime when someone will likes one of their facebook page.

  • Facebook also stops sporting NATIVE LIKE BUTTON, this button was specially designed for mobile app. But now, with SDK Version 4.28, it will not be supported.

*.Facebook said that from today, they will start sunsetting APP Link Host. According to facebook blog post, GET operation will still sork for next 90 days but all calls to the end point will fail with error from 6/2/2018.

  • Facebook also depreciating other feature like comment mirroring, send button, follow, sharing Insight.

  • Facebook said that for those pages who have enabled Comment Mirroring Presently, they will able to mirror comment for next 90 days.

  • In the same way, Developer now use Share Dialog instead of Send Button For Sharing links.

  • Also, Sharing Insight tab from facebook analytic will be removed in next 90 days according to facebook.

What are loses according to me
As facebook started depreciating some features at the same time, it includes “Like Button”(means user will not be able to like facebook page from third party app, user need to visit the actual facebook page ), it can drop facebook like drastically.

Facebook said that, after 90 days means 2 feb,2018 all updates will be applied fully.

How you are feeling about these changing facebook policy.