Exploring WordPress. Difference Between Posts And Pages In WordPress. Part 2


This is the second tutorial of series Exploring WordPress. If you didn’t take a look at the first tutorial than read it here.

In this tutorial, I am going to share about how we can create post and page. What are the difference between posts and pages in wordpress

Difference Between Posts And Pages In WordPress
Many WordPress Beginners gets confused by posts and pages. When we enter in WordPress dashboard, their we find two types of content type, Posts And Pages.

If you are new in WordPress, you probably be confused or wondering about What is the main difference between Both of them, when both looks same on website and same on dashboard.

Without wasting a lot more time, Let’s come on the topic

If you are using WordPress as a blog means you are writing articles about any topics, then you will be end up using Posts.

Posts are the content whose entries listed in the reverse chronological order on the Home Page.
Means your latest posts appears at the Top.

Also, As WordPress posts are published with date and time then we can syndicate it through the RSS feeds. It means you can send an email through RSS to your reader notifying them about your latest blog posts. You can Use FeedBurner, Aweber or MailChimp service for this.

As posts are timely than these are socially shareable. You can use any social share Plugin on your websites which allows your readers to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn etc. This sharing helps your website to build trust and you will soon start gaining more and more visitors on your website.

Also, Posts encourages conversations. That’s why posts have built in Comment Feature that allow users to comment on a particular topic.

Pages are meant to static like about page, privacy policy, legal disclaimers etc. These pages are never suppose to expire.

As pages are not timely arranged, they are not included in RSS feeds by default.

Pages are also never meant to be social in most cases and that’s why pages doesn’t include social sharing buttons or comments.

Key Difference Between Posts & Pages

  • Posts are on time based but pages are not.
  • Posts are socially shareable but pages are not.
  • Posts can be categorized and pages are hierarchail
  • As posts are timely, posts are include in RSS feed but pages are not
  • Posts have format features (like video,audio, quotes etc) but pages haven’t.
  • Pages have custom template feature but posts are not.
  • Pages can be set as parent and sub-pages while posts are not.

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