Expert Predicts How AI Is Going To Effect Digital World In 2018


No other technology is more disruptive than AI and we all know this. Once Elon Musk Said that AI is very dangerous for human race and it will spread a lot of chaos if we failed it in controlling AI.

Now, 2018 is coming and read what Experts are thinking about the Growth of AI in 2018.

Tianqui Sun, CEO and Founder, Vincross:

Robotics Will Change In 2018
2017 was about toy robots and programmable robots for kids. These educational robots makes a lot of sense from a business perspective- there’s a big market for STEM education toys and they’re more affordable to produce as they don’t require massive CPU, lots of sensor or advanced AI.
In 2018 however, we’ll see more and more consumer robots aimed at adults. This will take two tracks. First, we’ll see robots that remove friction from our daily lives, mostly in the form of home helpers. And second, we’ll see more sophisticated in their capabilities and can therefore yield more interesting robotics functionality. These programmable robots will appeal to a larger market, as they allow people to personalize their robotics experience.

Monty Barlow, director of machine learning, Cambridge consultants:

Autonomous vehicle crashes
We’ll see at least one more fatal accident involving autonomous vehicles on the roads, and a realization that human-level autonomous driving will require much longer to test and mature than current optimistic predictions.
The handoff problem- the point at which the AI hands back to human control- may be the biggest problem of 2018/2019, the solution lies in a complex combination of UX and human monitoring AI.
The self-driving shuttle bus that crashed on day one was in fact backed into. Learning to understand how the road looks in multiple weather conditions is one thing, understanding how human then adapt their driving patterns and accounting for them is another. Automotive Als will have to learn human behavior to navigate through humans on the road safely.

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, PhD, CEO and co-founder, Affectiva:

Emotion AI will increase our humanity and empathy for each other.
In recent years, the smartphones, bots and devices we spend so much our time with could be accused of contributing to the desensitization of our society. When a fight breaks out, some teens’ first reaction is to pull out their phone and take a video, rather than call for help. We cam yell mean things at our Amazon Alexa without any consequences. These are just a few examples.
In 2018 and beyond, this will change. As Emotion AI is embedded into more and more conversational interfaces and social robots, no longer will it be socially acceptable to scream angrily at Alexa. She might respond with something like, “Please don’t yell at me, that hurt my feeling.” As technology becomes “MORE HUMAN” so, too, will our interactions with one another. We will come full circle, and empathy will soon be back at the center of how we connect and communicate.