Better to use Incongtio Mode than sorry. Hundreds of websites are recording your data even keystrokes


I personally used this strategy because through this I will able to find out where customers are leaving.

What are the things, user like and where user stopped scrolling and why?

For all these answers, companies recored all the session even keystroke, mouse movement, page navigation.

In some cases, it’s ok because all companies are trying to provide better user experience so that they can sell.

But sometime mobile-friendly forms are not redacted on the recording.

And due to this, sensitive information, including password, credit card information and even CVV is revealed.

This type of information is usually shared when a user is signing up for a service or purchasing anything. At that time, user expect complete confidentiality.

Many big websites like Reuters, Samsung, wordpress, The Guardian, Microsoft etc, are using this method.

It will be very bad if any insignificant website used these tools but if talked about big names like microsoft, spotify, it’s only fair because these companies deliver on the privacy their user except.

Currently, I have no idea if working on “Incongtio Mode” will work or not, but I will update it soon, as soon as I will figure it out and test it completely.

Edited: - Just confirm that, website can’t track anything on payment gateway. But all keystork and other activity will be recorded also in Incongtio browser. So, Incongtio brower can’t help in this matter.